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Healthcare Anywhere

For Patients

The Healthcare. Anywhere. App provides a compendium of product-specific support materials that help patients better understand and comply with their course of treatment.

The Healthcare. Anywhere. App can also be configured to provide patients the ability to set countdowns to their next medication, serving as a reminder and motivating patients to stay on track with their treatment as well as ensuring that they are prepared and confident for each treatment interval, a great way of driving adherence.

Bespoke information and tracking data

Know what you’re doing and when.

Knowledge is power

Side effects, symptom management and total control over your treatment.

Access to support outside of the clinicians office

Open communication. More answers sooner.

Excellent Digital Experience

Get access.
Gain freedom.

Healthcare at the touch of a button.

Patients can feel comfortable self-administering their medication by referring to step-by-step video guides and a vast array of support materials. Searchable, brand specific, disease and treatment FAQs empower patients with information that helps them feel in control of their disease and treatment.

A symptom tracker helps to provide individuals a more complete picture of how their condition is affecting them, allowing for better informed and engaged treatment discussions and decisions with their HCP.

The Healthcare. Anywhere. app allows patients to have more autonomy over their condition, eliminating the need for monthly hospital visits and encouraging patients to become more involved with their own healthcare. Patients using the HCA App are empowered to better self-manage their Healthcare anywhere.

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