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At its basic level, the Healthcare. Anywhere. App is a limitless, branded and easily updatable support tool for patients regardless of whether they are in primary, secondary or even the clinical homecare setting. Whether the product is a rare and orphan injection or a primary care statin tablet, the app provides a solution that delivers tailorable education around the product, the disease, or even side effect management in a variety of digital formats, direct to your patient’s fingertips.

Seamless integration of all data points to measure and action

Home care, nurse support and engagement metrics.

Flexible shifts providing efficiencies and cost savings

More in sync with the ‘gig economy’.

Cost reduction and streamlined efficiencies

Being proactive by monitoring events rather than reactive.

Light touch support at the right level

Effortlessly driving adherence and condition control

Healthcare at the touch of a button.

When fully configured this NHS Digital/ORCHA approved app and MHRA registered UKCA Class 1 Medical Device drives and records adherence to your product, as well as capturing pseudonymised patient reported outcome and experience measures. Capturing these insights and analysing them accordingly allows us to be the first product specific medical device on the UK market to establish the relationship between your patients’ medication adherence, and their self-reported outcome measures, offering you an invaluable insight into what drives your patients’ behaviours.

The app is easily translatable to other markets globally, as well as being easy to configure, quick to deliver, and cost effective. With our project led approach we know that we can easily improve your patients’ approach to their Healthcare. Anywhere.

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