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We are a team of nursing, homecare and digital health specialists with over 4 decades of experience helping people manage treatment for chronic illnesses. We set out to deliver a patient first platform to complement and augment the care provided to patients in hospital and via homecare.

Dedicated and Experienced

Meet the team

Guy Hewitt

Managing Director

Jill Stephenson

Clinical Director

Joshua Hinton

Project Manager

Stephanie Kennedy

Project Manager
Excellent Digital Experience

Empowering patients to lead a more fulfilling life

While some patients benefit greatly from the proactive approach of clinic and homecare nursing teams, we see considerable numbers of patients who thrive when given access to reliable information and support when and where they need it.

Satisfied patients

Our patient testimonials and approved pharma partnerships speak for themselves.

Effective for all products

From primary care to rare and orphan treatments in secondary care.

NHS approved provider

Working with medical institutions across the UK.

Approved Pharma Partnerships

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