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Clinical Platform

Providing real-time clinical data and information allowing NHS clinical Teams a clear understanding of our interactions with their Patients

Our experienced Nurse Team collects tailored information at the point of visit with the Patient, shared in real-time with the Patient’s Healthcare Professional

Working in partnership at all times with clinicians - supporting Patients on behalf of NHS partners

Clinical Platform Features

Tailored reporting

For each interaction we create a Clinical Evaluation Form that is sent to the Patient’s Clinical team automatically at the conclusion of the activity

Capturing service-specific information

This data is fed back to clinicians

Capturing Patient competence

The Platform captures Patients’ competency and where required further support can be provided

Patient-centric service

Our visits within the Platform can be tailored to suit any demographic, indications or length of time on medication

Ongoing support services

Providing a wide range of ongoing clinical support services including Patient Activation Motivation Technique and Measures that are used to improve experience and drive adherence

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